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Alle beoordelingen zijn van klanten die besteld hebben bij Delish Delicacies. Meer weten? Ontdek meer

8 apr 2024 om 14:22 Bijna 3 uur gewacht op mijn eten. VRESELIJK, maar het eten was wel lekker
4 apr 2024 om 20:37 Delivery time perfect n food is amazing
28 mrt 2024 om 0:19 The food was perfect yummy. I ordered Delish special jollofhighly recommended xx it took long for the delivery but the food was perfect
3 mrt 2024 om 23:56 Oprecht smerig eten.
29 feb 2024 om 19:00 I love them and their food is the best
4 feb 2024 om 21:42 Slechte service ! Eten werd na 2,5 uur bezorgd.
13 jan 2024 om 17:16 super lekker alleen jammer dat het zo weinig was
31 dec 2023 om 9:05 My food arrived after 3 and a half-hour after my calls were rejected , and also my oder was not complete
29 dec 2023 om 18:54 When hungry dont order cause it can take like 2hours... I ordered at 5pm and it now 7pm and still waiting
14 dec 2023 om 11:43 Update: Food arrived nearly three hours after initial delivery time from when order was placed. However, it was tasty as expected.
13 dec 2023 om 17:47 I had to wait for three hour
12 dec 2023 om 18:51 I had to wait 3 hours.